2007 Hyundai Elantra Questions

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Have a new blow motor under the dash and still not working...Lights on the nobs come on but nothing coming out
2006 Hyundai Elantra with 70,000 mi. (driven 5,000 mi/yr) no highway driving ever. 7 months ago, Mechanic advised motor mount(s) are breaking down & need replacement due to normal wear and tear. Driver has noticed car sometimes 'feels unbalanced' on sharp turns. Been going to this Hyundai dealership for major repairs (e.g. timing belt etc.) or when parts specific for a 2006 are only available there (as well as mechanics who work on Hyundais 90% of the time) for 7 years, trusts mechanic. What should this repair cost on average (parts & labor)?
it can't read CD. Radio works without problem.
My dad leaves my cars headlight on all night every time he drives the car. When we walk outside we can't see the headlights, but the switch on the inside of the car is still in low beam mode. My car is a 2007 Hyundai Elantra. What effect would this have on my battery? And will my battery die? Also how many times can you recharge a battery before you just need to buy a new one.
the car sat for about 3 months in cold weather and when i started up the car the radio etc worked. but it has quit again. i had a cd stuck in it but when it started up i could easily get the cd out.
Started a week ago put new fluid in then it just shifted hard when i put in drive now a week later i'm driving home tonight and when i was stopped light and.went to go it wouldn't shift into gear then i got it to go but it did it all the way home

I see a straight bar with bushings at both ends, when I look up rear control arm for part they are all curved. what am I looking ar?
deer hit the front of the car, got to replace the radiator. don't know how to get the flat cooler "thing" off so we can take the old radiator off.
My alternator showed it passed when tested ,but shows no voltage when tested in the car .plus I have no power steering and my windows wont go back up i need help fast got rain coming!!!
also I forgot to disconnect the red cable made a spark and my warning lights like ALB A/BAG ESP Stays on
The back end "creaks",is noisy when going over rough road/bumps.Its not so much a knocking,but the only way to describe it is an old rust bucket,like the car is VERY OLD..also makes the creaking noise when getting out of the car,like I weighed 200 lbs or something! I don't...It has been doing this for a couple weeks now,someone suggested maybe shock absorbers/ struts.?? I cannot afford costly repairs,so wanted to get an idea of cost and is it something that should be taken care of right away? Also there's some slight knocking / tapping noise coming from the vicinity of the steering column
After the car sits all night there is a strong smell of gas in the car. the access to the fuel pump appears to be tight and no signs of a leak
Was driving up a ramp and suddenly the car lost moving, had car towed, shift stick can move from P to 1, but car doesn't move.
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