2006 Hyundai Elantra Questions

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I have a 2006 hyundai elantra, recently the battery was drained by a door that was not completely closed. jumpstart would not do more than a moment of power, then everything died maybe 3-5 seconds. charged the battery with new battery charger with error modes that keep you from connecting the leads wrong. charged battery to 90% got the vehicle to run, but only tested for 5 miles, after that the interior lights began to dim so i went home and parked. figured the issue was the alternator - removed the alternator, had it tested at autozone which said it tested good 3 times, so I took them the battery, they charged it and said the battery tested fine. I gave up, took it to a shop which said the alternator was bad (only producing 11.3 amps) so I replaced the alternator. so with a new alternator and a battery holding a charge, I took the car for a spin... charging system seems fine now. but the clock doesn't work, the radio doesnt work and the a/c wont turn on... wipers work, cant tel
the hood lock jammed and will not open.
how can it be opened
Yes i have a 2006 hyndaui elantra and it takes of in first secon and third and only stays in 3rd only what could be my problem
It shifts into 1st 2nd and 3rd only and want shift into the other heart
Getting worse. Makes sound when turning and also going straight..
I have new tires.
Won't be able to fix for a week.
Can it still be driven?
Squilling sound
what all could cause this I changed the oil and filter the car has set for a couple of years before I bought t
I don't know how long they have been out, someone that was driving behind me and told me that I had absolutely no brake lights in the back. When I got home, my husband checked it and indeed all three brake lights were out. We tried replacing the bulbs, but that did not fix the problem.
They are leaking and my brake goes way down when I try to stop..They quoted over $600 to fix the car..Is this about right???? Thanks
Also holds back starting out
Ongoing problem. Have had hoses, clamps and even radiator replaced and it is fine for a while and then starts leaking again. Will a head gasket or water pump cause these symptoms? Does not overheat. Seems to me that maybe I'm just getting bad hoses or need another clamp somewhere. Tired enough of this to get rid of car.
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