2005 Hyundai Elantra Questions

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Every time I put gas in my tank and then I put the key in the ignition and turn the key the engine sounds like it’s trying to kick in but it doesn’t hold. I have to keep turning the key on and off before it kicks in. Once I get it started it’s fine. I never have a problem starting it up until the next time I get gas. What are somethings that could be causing this.
As soon as I turn off the ignition, my headlights go off (high beams and low beams). The tail lights stay on, but the headlights go out immediately without touching the headlight switch. I've never seen that in a car before and cannot figure out why it might be doing it. I've checked every fuse I can find that has anything to do with the headlights and they are all good. It makes it easy to forget the headlights switch is on when getting out of the car, especially at dawn or dusk when the tail lights aren't as prominent.
It is not making any noise just hard to turn right and left. can keep it on the road

replace ball joints
The rpm's go up to 4,000 just to get the car going fast enough to shift into higher gear. It hasn't got any power when climbing even the smallest hill. The check engine light hasn't come on at all. Do I need to replace the input or output speed sensor?
My car was parked on the street, and i can no longer get it to shift out of park. What i s the fastest way to get it to shift, or do i need a tow.
All the interior lights went out heater lights radio lights speedometer lights and the right side tail light I thought it might be a short in the wiring because sometimes the heater would cut on and off
Dashboard lights radio lights heater lights gear shift lights in my right side tail light went out at one time I thought it was a short in the wiring but now don't none of them come on it just did it today
had sporadic heat but would stop when car idled. then oil gauge climbed in red zone. took it to garage 2/4/17. they added coolant and sent me on my way. afraid to drive any distance. didn't find any leaks
I hear a loud sqeek in the rear end of my 2007 Hyundai Elantra when I drive it is very loud nobody can find out where it is coming from. Especially if there is a weight in the rear I was told it is not the shocks Please help driving us nuts.
believe we need new master cylinder too
I just bought it, so I don't know much about it. The guys I got it from said they replaced some, but not all of the motor mounts, I know that might be the issue. But what other possible causes are there?
Always when its w just had my battery replaced. The seemed to fix the power issue. But now I noticed whenever it rains I lose all power to my car sometimes. I have gotten it to start but there is some type of electrical problem that this keeps happening. I can't put it on a tester because my check engine light is not on. My radio stations, clock and trip counter all reset when this happens just like when I have a dead battery.
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