2004 Hyundai Elantra Questions

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Repair shop told me they need to replace the "air fuel ratio sensor" at a whopping price of course. But that will only clear the engine light. I need the bigger issue solved. Car seems to be better, not great after driving (or attempting to) after 15 min.
the noise comes and goes but sounds like its coming from under the valve cover. I always make sure its full of oil as it has around 270,000 miles
could you give me some directions what should I do thank you
When I start my car it says that the passenger airbag is off. Have no idea why. The light came on and it stayed on. Another problem that I am having is at times when I drive the speed is fine, then all of a sudden my brakes start to get tight and I am unable to pick up speed. My RPM's seem not to change. When I stop the car I can hear like something cracking as if its hot and its cooling off. But my brakes get so tight, sometimes when getting in the car for the first time for the day I have noticed that my brakes are so tight. I would really love it if anyone have a answer to this.
I own a 2004 Hyundai Elantra was rejected in the Texas mechanical inspection due to that according with the inspectors the front amber turn lights do not turn on when all the lights are turning on. They only work as turning signal and hazardous signal. Checking the bulb the design is a bulb with one filament only two wires arrive to the socket... this is correct?
shifting linkage moving and appears to be working, looking from above down on transmitchen , the same with the clutch looks like its working fine. So hears the prob. Drove the car and no prob. I park for a hour or 2 then the car would not start, got a jump start and the car would not move at all. Went through all the gears and nothing WTF? How can a clutch go completely out sitting in a parking lot?
Hooked up scanner air bleed abs manually request left front dump valve to open frees up brake checked fuses all ok car was towed in no codes in computer happened after customer was towed out of ditch stuck in mud
2 days ago my oil light came on and heard a clacking sound while accelerating
So I took it right into the shop and they told me it was the
Valve cover and had it replaced and had an oil change as well but I still hear the sound whenever I accelerate or when I let off the gas a little? Any ideas
Car consume fuel and has only 1fault code recorded p0452.oi
In the past week or two, when I start my car in the morning and put it in drive, the gears shift improperly and the car begins to jerk when I drive. However, after it warms up from driving a little bit, I don't face this problem. This is continuous, as if the car is off for a few hours and is in a cool condition, it will give the same problems again.
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