2002 Hyundai Elantra Questions

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I stopped at a stop sign, and when accelerating to go, it barely moved, and sounded like I was reving up my engine. I stopped again, put the car in park then back in to drive and then it was fine. Drove great all the way home. What could be wrong with it?
I replaced a part of it I cant seem to fibd a blueprint of tge fuel line system on the internet just need to know where the line goes from the tank to the motor like how is ran
The light does not blink. It just went on. The code was 121 when we checked it. But i do not know what it means
My car is stuck in 2nd gear, the code is for shift solenoid A, I bought the part, now how do I know which solenoid is A?
2002 Hyundai elantra
2002 Hyundai elantra
it just start about 3 days ago
my car failed the emissions test due mostly to the evap system. there are 5 codes which I have looked into: 1)P0442; 2)P0449; 3)P0452; 4)P0501 and 5)P1502. the last 2 aren't involved with the evap system. can anyone who knows all of these codes, possibly give me an estimate of the work involved? if not, I guess it's time to get a diagnostics, which I was trying to avoid. I'm kinda broke right now.
to install new brake pads?
Disconnected battery for several hours but no reset.
Check engine light comes on. It resets when ignition is turned off and then back on. Appears to be worse in city traffic.
I was told the cv joints and struts needed to be replaced for the front end of my car. The mechanic told me it would cost $1200, including labor. Is this price reasonable?
the car doesn't have to be hot or cold to do this. it will be in nutral with out any pedels engaged at all. turning the AC helped bring the RPM's down in the past, but is not working anymore and i'm afraid the motor will blow. what is causing this to happen?
Mechanic says it's a bad connecting rod. Quoted $1200 labor, plus $800 parts including old motor w/79K miles on it (3-month warranty on motor).
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