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I can lock door with transponder but then I can not unlock to get into car. I have to use the key to get in and that causes the alarm to go off. The light goes on with the transponder when it locks but does not when try to unlock. Have changed battery. I have two keys with transponders and the same thing happens with both.
When having to stop or slow down before going uphill, my car loses speed. Even when I press the gas pedal to the floor, it will not get passed 40 mph. Otherwise, the car drives great. The check engine light is on, but had it checked out and it is on because of an Emission issue. Does the problem of loses speed going uphill mean I need to replace the transmission ?
I've managed to replace my brake light switch it worked fine for a few hours but they came back on, I don't have a check engine light on if that makes a difference and stayed on please help
I have a 2002 Hyundai Elantra 2.0. In the cold, my car starts fine usually with the engine turning over once before firing. In the warmer weather, I have to crank it usually 4 or 5 times before the car starts. Sometimes it doesn't start and just sputters.On those instances I try it again and usually the same result. It wants to start but just sputters and almost seems to flood out. I sit for about 30 seconds and crank it again and it starts right away. I've been paying close attention to the sound the fuel pump makes when I turn the key to the "on" position but don't crank it and on the first attempt, I hear a high pitch humm and then a low pitch. I shut the key off and then to on again and a low pitch hum all the way through it cycling. It seems like a fuel supply issue but I'm not sure. I am going to replace the plugs and wires first but once the car runs it idles fine and runs fine on any road or highway no matter what the speed which makes me think its not the fuel pump. Almost like the fuel is draining back to the tank and when the pump cycles at first it is dry of fuel and then starts pumping when it hits the low hum. I have had a check engine light for a while due to an O2 sensor but have never had starting issues due to tthat. Could it be the pump? or soemthing else? Let me know what you think.
The car makes a roaring sound when I drive but runs quietly when idle
Been like this for 3 months. Thought it was the head gasket but it wasn't.
I got my head gasket fixed but now the car shakes. He said that its because i was running on 3 cylinders and now that its running on all 4 you can feel everything or something. He told me its the motor and T something sensor and it would be 300 to fix.
check connections and wiring to TPS with lab scope. car runs well need to get it through inspection
Why would my fuel system monitor be NOT READY and therefore will not pass emissions testing. There are NO codes be displayed neither hard codes or soft codes. Car runs great with no MIL codes but this system is not ready. Can anyone PLEASE help me to get thru emissions. Thank you for your time.
I've been down to the dealer 4 days. The 1st time they serviced the transmission, they told me to drive it over the weekend and I did. I brought it back in on Monday and they reset the computer module. It drove fine, then it started shifting weird again and would rev really high. Brought it back in, they have kept my car overnight 2x's. They can't seem to find the problem. It shifts weird when it's cold and now has a long lag between shifts. I just bought this car a lil over 30 days ago and it only has 60k miles on it. I'm frustrated and I have an after market warranty on this car and no one is providing answers. This happens intermittently as well. I'm over wasting my time, energy and gas.
transmission shifting problems

My car has check engine Light on with error code -
P0121 - throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch "A" Circuit Range/Performance Problem
I already did work at mechanic and the Throttle Paddle sensor was replaced as the old sensor had black spots on it.
After 20 Miles post repair, the check engine light came back on. Now also the code is same P0121.

Please help me, what could be wrong here and how to get rid of this check engine light code.
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