2001 Hyundai Elantra Questions

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Why is it when my gas tank is about half full the engine will cut out. It runs great and no check engine light no codes. It will usually start right up after a few times have to let it sit for 10 to 15 min. And no issues after.
Engine light on and code reader said it was bank 1 sencer 2
Had service charge spark plugs replaced fuel filter and O rings car is still taking some time to start due to fuel running back to fuel tank or away from engine fuel injection system
codes showed up for tps and map. Both checked out according to elantra shop manual. idles and starts good. just slow and will pick up speed and will run smooth.
speed about 65mph ,no codes runs good otherwise
Bled cylinder before I switched clutch disk around( put in backwards first time)
I can't find the brake fuse its not labeled on fuse box panel under car hood
I think it's the steering box, not sure. Thanks
tested. No codes came up on the computer at Advance Auto and they told me it was electrical. Just put 800.00 in the car and need to go back to college. Can you direct me where to go to find the problem. Radiator was just replaced with thermostat.
When I was trying to jump a old car with a V8, my Elantra shut itself off. And all the electronics were dead. I can jump it very easily and drive it. But sometimes after I reach my destination, I will be able to restart it. And sometimes it will all the electronics will be dead again. But it will jump again very easily. When shutting the car off, if I hear a electronic sound, like a fuse shorting or something like unplugging a TV cord from the wall, then I know it isn't going to restart, and the electronics are dead again, requiring another restart. Not sure if it is the computer, alternator solenoid, fuse, or a relay.
My Kavalec converter was getting red and it messed my flex pipe up so I replace my manifold and Cadillac converters and I did spark plugs and wires and when I start it up it shakes and my Cadillac converter gets read what could it be
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