1997 Hyundai Elantra Questions

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I have had no problem with this in the past 4 years I've owned it. The check engine light however, is problematic. But not at this time....
I canged the brake light bulb an now evertime i put my foot on the brake my dash and headlights come on and whn i take my foot off the lights go off.
I changed the bulb for brakes and now everytime i hit the brakes both the dashboard and headlight go on whn i take my foot off the brakes thy go off .
coil pack,spark plugs,TPS all new.At times misses at high speeds but dosen't stall.
I have 1 2 3 4th
the motor shuts down went it is hot but when the motor is cold it will run good
I was replacing the fuses in my car trying to get my lights to work again. My horn doesn't work anymore and my gear shift won't move out of park even when I'm pushing the brakes. I'm trying to determine if my brakes are working at the moment. If anyone knows which fuses I may have messed with that would cause this problem please let me know. Thank you.
i just replaced the engine in my 1997 hyundai elantra 5 speed. after hooking everything back up, the car will now turn over but wont fire. and there is no spark for any plug wire. could it be the coil pack?
about every one hundred miles I get a misfire code P0301 or P0302 and sometimes I get both at once. Replacing injectors is getting costly.
Is it difficult to change the Heater blower resistor I brought to the shop but im afraid they will charge to much but i do not have a voltage meter. Do you have to rip out the entire dash or anything? I find the part new for 54 bucks so i would hate to pay over 200
The problem is my car failed inspection due to the defroster not working the heat and AC work but when i turn the heat up to 4 it cuts off compleatly 1 2 and 3 work fine but the 4 defrost makes no noise and does not work and how much should the problem cost me?
The car wants to stall sometimes.When motor is cold and when fuel is less than a 1/4 of tank.Can there be water in the tank.
Will A catalytic converter cause a car to overheat or engine failure at all? I'm looking at buying a car in a town about 200 miles from me, I'll replace the tires and have a tune up in the town where I am buying it, but the town is substantially smaller then my own and will charge A LOT more to do the work and for parts then my own city will, Is it safe to drive with a failing converter?
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