1994 Hyundai Elantra Questions

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my hyundai is not fairing on piston number three but the spack is coming what can be the problem please help me
Emission test showed "not ready" for evap system and oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensor may have been disconnected for recent flex exhaust pipe replacement
had cambelt replaced a month ago . there is spark at plugs & fuel . could be timing out ??
Car will not shift in to overdrive when button is pushed.
my car cut out while driving and wont start back up. Theres no check engine light illuminating and all the fuses, sparkplugs and battery seem to be in good condition. I've considered replacing the starter solenoid and drive pinion gear or ring gear, but would like to get some alternative options or recomendations before I go and replace parts that don't need replacing. What are your thoughts on why my car wont kick over to run when the key is turned to the run position in the ignition? I will add that the car acts like it wants to start but will not rotate over long enough to keep the car running.
My 94 Elantra won't start. After replacing the spark plugs, wires, timing belt, and ignition coil pack. It still won't start. It acts like its flooded
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