2006 Hyundai Azera Questions

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i turn switch all the way up nothing ,they do not work in any position
First occurrence of this problem. Nothing is blowing. I hear no unusual sounds. Light for AC comes on. No fan speeds, no cool air, no heat.
Replaced right front calliper because I thought it was sticking re placed hose to calliper still stuck tight as well as left rear?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? After pumping brake pedal
How long have you had this problem? Just started
It feels like it goes on reverse but don't move.
Need to know what to check next since the acutator is working, but still not getting cool air from the vents on the driver side.
when turning and or cornering at normal speeds wither in a neighborhood, parking lot or cruising through town, speed bumps and dips the car with rock and roll more than it should, I can hear what may sound like a compression squeak like the shock and struts have been loosened, there is a vibration that can be felt in the floor boards and in the brake and gas pedal. I know the steering is getting to have more play in it than it should and needs to be purged. but as far as front end stability goes what should I check first knowing the car has 4 new tires....
LIST to check: lower ball joints, shock& struts, front sway/ stabilizer bar, tie rods (inner & outer), rotors & brakes, rebalance tires w/ 4 wheel alignment........
Mileage is slightly better on highways, but 14 mpg on streets.
On my last oil change, I put a little too much oil in. On the dip stick, it's about 3/8 of an inch over the "F" mark.

Suck some out or forget about it?
everything is turned off when I park. This car is from Texas to NH. My book says the yellow fuse power connector if you change anything to the car pull the connector in different direction. I have gone thru two new batteries. I winterized it for cold weather.
My azera will start but when you apply the gas chokes out. Checked catalytic converters and they are fine. If you blow air from air compressor into the exhaust on engine it will run but as soon as the air stops car chokes out.
My 2006 hyundai azera likes to sputter and shake while at 55mph and or almost throwing you into the windshield. Then it will down shift into third gear and stick there and the check engine light will illuminate. If you pull over shut the car off the car resets itself and is not stuck in third gear anymore. And then the check engine light goes off? HELP
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