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Last night, I came out of a restaurant, went to start my car, and it wouldn't start. None of the lights or anything had been left on. A nice gentleman gave me a jump. I was able to get home, but I didn't have enough gas to keep the car running so the alternator could recharge the battery. Figured I'd jump it again in the morning after getting a can of gas.

However - about two hours after I got home, I went outside to find that my headlights and taillights were dimly flickering (in a really creepy way) and the hazard lights were going nuts. But the key wasn't in the car at all!!! The lights weren't in the on position and the hazard button wasn't depressed.

Eventually it stopped once the battery was completely drained. A friend said it might be the ignition switch, does this sound right? What could be causing such a drain on the battery without the key in the car at all?

Battery and alternator both tested by a friend last month after I needed a jump, he said they're good.
2016 Accent, daily runner 40,000 miles. Drove and parked as normal when tried to start nothing happened. Can hear a click but thats it. Tried to jump no change. Called AAA they tried to jump, no change. Had it towed home connected to known good battery, no change. Is there a known proble with the starter solenoid? or something else?
Is this problem on me or the dealership or do I have to pay for it
It just started this afternoon. Is this an indicator to check something else?
my front bumper is broken and I would like to fix it
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