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Cruise control light comes on but the set light only flashes on for a split second and goes off. The cruise control does not engage at all no matter what I do. The car only has 9230 miles on it. I'm the second owner and an elderly lady bought it and left it in her garage.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Doesn't matter
How long have you had this problem? Just bought the car
I was driving on the highway during periods of heavy rain. The check battery light started flashing then the car just stopped. The car would not restart. I had the car towed home and the next day I tried giving the battery a boost. It sounded like it was going to start, but never does start up. It cranks, but doesn't start. I checked and the Fuel pump is working. What else can I check?
After I fuel up I always have to pump the gas peddle and turn the key to get it to start. Along with that it won't idle like it should after its starts but will run fine after you start moving.
Every time you add fuel
I recently had 2 cylinder misfires that killed my catalytic converter. I replaced the coils and plugs for the the misfires and the converter, but its still running very rough. Its a lot louder than it was before. I was driving, gave it some gas to accelerate from 40 to 50 mph, the RPM's spiked and the check engine light came on and flashed. I pulled over and turned around cause I was only 5-6 miles from home. After 2 minutes the light went off. What else could it be?
was driving and car started vibrating and the check engine went off. got a scanner code and it reads P0300. It says random misfire. What could be the culprit. Thanks
Make: Hyundai

Model: Accent

Engine: 1.6L

Year: 2010

Error codes: P0301,P0302

Knowledge level: I know little about cars

Help needed: Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it.
I've changed the fuse but still won't come on. When u turn turn the number to 2 with the motor running, the motor pulls down like normal. What should I check or do next? Before the a/c would freeze u out when on.
My car had engine light on and flashing took to change coils and cylinders on the way home started slowing down. Then completely went to no more than 10mph. Took back replaced fuel pump regulator now car won't go if you press on gas it's like there's no power won't even go up on its own to carport. It turns on fine. No check engine light is on. What could be wrong????
Driving down the road, car stalls out at 40mph. I coast it off the side of the road. Car will not start, all lights are working and its cranking, but it will not start. 20 minutes later car finally starts, try to keep it going putters and stalls out. Another 5 minutes of trying and the car finally starts again. Now I'm able to drive it, but my tachometer is completely out. It makes the 15-20 minute drive home, it did seem like it was trying to stall out at one of the red lights - but I threw it into neutral and kept the engine revved. I pull into the driveway and let it sit for about 5 minutes at home, it's fine, idling at about 750 as it normally would. Turn the car off and back on, starts right up - Now my tachometer is working! Drive it around the block, everything works fine. Pull into the driveway let it sit - fine. Turn it off, turns back on fine. Next day turns on fine, makes the 45 min highway commute to work, fine. Driving it home, halfway back the RPMs start dropping, keeps running low RPMs and it's idling around 500 when stopped. Have it at the mechanic now, but he can't duplicate the problem, saying the car is working perfectly now, he doesn't see the issue.... Help please!!
I was pulling into a parking lot and it died on me. I can't get it to start. It will crank like it wants to start but won't. Any suggestions?
Got a code of P0305, cylinder 5 misfire, How can that be when it's a 4 cylinder engine need input and help thanks
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