2009 Hyundai Accent Questions

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sometimes i hear a clicking noise in the front of the car
My 2009 Hyundai Accent has black smoke coming from the tailpipe I took it to a mechanic and he said nothing is coming up on the computer. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does it's a lot of smoke. I also noticed that sometimes the gas gauge is not working and I have to turn on and off my car. Please help!!!!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worse when I accelerate after being at a stop for a few minutes
How long have you had this problem? The past month
Air bag and check engine light is on; batter has been recently replaced and keeps a charge even when car won't start. If we drive the car and park it with out leaving the ac off several minutes prior it won't start again without being jumped off; yet the battery is not dead as the radio and clock don't reset. Does the srs need to be reset or is it something else?
Makes almost a slight backfire aound but pretty sure its not actually backfiring
The car just turned off. Had to pull it to the side of the road. Turn key but nothing. can roll windows down and radio works.
Have to accelerate heavy starting off or else engine seems out of time or missing. Restarting engine seems to reset and it runs fine.
plugs were replaced when i went to o rileys to have the codes checked the guy said it was mis firing all over i needed a tune up
The light over the visor mirror is out, how do you change it?
The car shakes on the highway sometimes, but I just got new tires.
The belt squeals when the air conditioning is on, but the belts were changed recently.
I have a 2009 Hyundai Accent with 1.6L engine. It shows error codes P0300 and P0304. I know little about cars. Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it. Thanks in advance for your answers!
installed purge control valve per auto zone and did not fix. Had check engine light turned off to check again and hasnt come back on yet. Plugs are new,wires are good
Car wouldn't start but there is power to everything so we don't think it is the battery, I'm being told it could be just the ignition fuse, I need to know the cost, I'm a stage 4 cancer patient and disabled on a fixed income so I am concerned about this topic but need my vehicle for my doctors appointments. please help!
My car wouldn't start and we know that the battery is not dead cause there is power to everything in the just wouldn't start so we think it is the ignition fuse, I need to know what this will cost me, I'm a stage 4 cancer patient and disabled on a fixed income so I am really concerned but need my vehicle for my doctors appointments! Please help!!
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