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I just replaced alternator belt map sensor and belt and it keeps cutting off had a oil change a week ago and new spark plugs. A month ago why is it shutting off
my car did not turn off yesterday, so I bought new battery today. when we put battery on I noticed odometer numbers on and keys where no on at all. what would this cause be?
The third brake light has some of the LED's out. Is there a way to get to those LED's on a hatchback? If not, how do you remove the entire fixture?
been having a problem with the oil light coming on. I just had an oil change thirty miles ago. I was driving and it just quit. and won't start'
So recently I experienced some issues with my car where it would shut off while at idle. A mechanic suggested to me the symptoms seemed to point to my alternator or battery. The car has 102,000 miles on it and I was told it is not uncommon for an alternator to need replacing at this milage. Long story short, I replaced both the alternator and the battery. I also replaced my MAP and Crank Shaft Sensors. I changed the oil and replaced my main belt as well. The car currently can only be jump started. The alternator is not providing power to the battery according to my volt meter. I took the alternator back out and to the shop where they bench tested it and told me it was good. The voltage regulator seems to be built into the alternator so I ruled that out with the bench test. I tried following the wires to the battery but the wire bundle goes into the car and I lose the wires from the alternator. Can anyone point me in the right direction about what might be the issue?
All lights work properly until brake pedal depressed, already checked brake switch and works fine. Checked front right signal wire and there is current when brake is applied? With lights on, and when brake applied front right turn signal does not work and right turn back light turns off and signal stops working?
none needed
I just had a brand new battery installed in my car Monday afternoon, drove home and drove to work yesterday and when I came out, it wouldn't start again, it won't even turn over (no clicks, no nothing, just like before). What could possibly be the problem now. (No lights were left on!!!)
It just started yesterday, I was told that there may have been a recall regarding the brake pedal, but it causes the brake lights to remain on, so I have to put something under the brake pedal so the lights will go off.
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