2007 Hyundai Accent Questions

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Car won't start then the car starts
Just bought a used car, A/c worked fine during test drive, and now the a/c suddenly stopped blowing any air.
what could keep it from starting set timing marks belt tension at specs
Car already has 173,000 just got it for my daughter in college wanted to know about how many miles this car can get
I had work done on my car and now for some reason the codes will not reset themselves. I've put on over 1500 miles since. I have had it tested for emissions 3 times and it just comes back as incomplete and cannot be tested.
I have a 2007 Hyundai Accent 4 cyl 4 door sedan, and got Code P0497, had a previous P0496 and had a purge valve replaced and code went away but now code P0497 came on. Fuel gas cap light is also coming on. What needs to be done to car? Would it be a good idea to have an emission diagnose done first? And would that pinpoint the problem(havin it diagnose at an emission car shop)?
My passenger power window does not operate with either the driver or passenger side controls. All fuses checked out OK. What do I do to isolate what needs to be fixed without having to pay a dealer $$$$$ to do it?
Right window will not operate with either right side switch or driver's switch and all fuzes are good. Never had a problem with them before.
I have replaced resistor, thermostat, control panel and even when my heater is off, it blows very hot at the vents and the dash feels hot and it smells like something may be burning. What could this be.
Wear on inside rear tires. Took to dealership and they said the rear axle is bent. What is the cost of repair? Is repair a good idea or will I continue to have issues? It also burns oil. I have to replace all the oil every 2000 miles.
It can take up to five minutes turning the switch on and off to get them off. I don't have an alarm so they can't be timing out. Sometimes they will turn off after only a few seconds of playing with the switch. Is there a relay that might be going bad. Hyundai wants $120 an hour just to poke around and look.
My engine light has been on for awhile but was told it was my spark plug. It would jerk a bit when accelerating and oil light came on. Now wont start. It turns over just wont catch. Still have power. I also just found out there is a recall on my stop lamp lights. Does that have anything to do with it?
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