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I hit a curb pretty good and now when I turn my front wheels squeak. Also when I try to straighten the wheel it will not completely straighten out. I was told I need an alignment or new ball joint or new tires. How do I know who is telling me the truth?! Please help!
My transmission has two leaks i was told by monroe a car repair place not to replace the transmission but too get transmissions sealant.. Someone please help does this sound right to anyone. The leak is not to bad it leave a spot on thw ground the size of a basketball.
Has been chech by computer by agent......sent to check low voltage fault found ....???
Battery indicator came and after that car steering became hard
When on highway this battery indicator in red color came on dashboard.
When i was driving on highway this indicator came on dash board
Was heading to work when car suddenly stalled. I pulled codes and came up mil and low voltage cam position sensor 1 bank a.
codes( po360 and po362 )
replaces the cps on top right facing car. cleared codes tried again. same result. replaced battery as could cause same code. same result. any suggestions.
spins over strong but doesn't appear to be trying to hit. 1 time acted for brief sec it was going to start after bat replaced.
I have a 2006 Hyundai Accent. Went to take in for 60,000 mile scheduled maintenance. Was told that they couldn't get the hood open and that it could possibly cost an additional $200 or more depending on what is broken. Already going to be paying $675 for the service. I would like to know if that sounds reasonable and what else I could do. Tried to pop the hood myself with the lever and would not open.
We replaced purge valve but seems to be doing same thing. Should we see immediate improvement ?
A month ago I removed and replaced the battery to be charged. Upon replacing it I do not think I did it completely properly. Also, two days ago my husband power washed the engine at a car wash and the car has not been running right since.
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