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With all 3 major components good, car will not crank. If you sit there and twist the ignition time and time again, being patient in between, it will eventually start right up .
Almost seems like a short somewhere. Where should I start?
Well I jus got a tune up and oil change ,so I dnt kw why it feels like its about to cut off ,my battery is 2yrs.old tho !
All other settings are fine, the car starts back up when I switch it back and no fuses are blown.
What could cause this?
ac fan blower works & blows real good & cold as it should, but very little air coming out vents,can even hear it blow strong.been told that a filter may be stop up ,but can't find it,also been told ductwork may have come loose & fell down.what else can it be & what do I need to do to fix problem???problem happens every time blower is turned on for ac,heat,or defrost.
On Tues, had a radiator replaced, thought it was fine, was out in the boonies the next day, far from home, and it ran hotter than usual. Then went into red, but came out of it at times. Probably had 10-15 mins of running while in red zone. Had antifreeze in it, no escaped fluid or steam from engine. Next day, it turned out to be heater coil leaking, had that and thermostat replaced. Car has 128 K miles.
Also,the same day, had rotors, pads, and one caliper replaced.
Right after that the oil pressure light came in, and the shop reassured me that they didn't do anything but the breaks.(Different place for radiator, heater coil, and thermostat.)
The brake place thought that I was done a qt. and since I was only 500 miles away from reg. oil change, I did that.
Problem: Oil pressure light still on, and I have to head out into the boonies again today. Have I done permanent damage, and am I going to blow a head gasket? By the way, I do have two other lights on. One is a brake light that has been on for two years, as I think I damaged the sensor by vacuuming it, and yesterday a check air bag light came on. That one I don't why. Mechanic says it can happen from moving the chair back and forth. All of this may sound funny, and you may think I am really stupid, and I might agree, but not today. Maybe much later on.
I remove the fuel pump module and took to parts store. The manager hooked up test gauge which shows anometer putting out more micro amps when empty compared to full. He said fuel pump module working correctly. May be electric short in system. What do you think? Ever run into this problem before?
The gas gauge will not go below showing 1/2 full even when the tanks empty. I pulled the gas pump module out and manually moved the float up and down. No change. The parts store owner hooked up an meter to the anometer the float activates. The gauge showed more amps at empty that full. The parts store owner said the Hyundai fuel pump module is good. Must be short somewhere? What do you think.
When it first time start the lifter is noisy but quiets has it warms up? need for any concerns?
The car won't start then it will. I don't think it's the battery because all the lights come on and I tried getting it jumped the first time it wouldn't start so that didn't work the next morning I tried to start it and it did a couple of days later it happened again it wouldn't start walked away for a bit and tried again and it started. What could this mean??
I check the electric conection under the back chair and it seems to be all right
Car won't start in the extreme cold

My battery recently died so I got a new one from Canadian Tire. I went to place the battery in and when I hooked it up my car starter started to kick in and the headlights and tail lights started going on and off every one second. Now I have pulled the fuse for my starter and when I reconnect the battery the starter doesn't go but the lights keep flashing on and off. I'm at a loss here at what to do. Can anyone help me?
has 80,000 miles and i am 1st owner
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