2004 Hyundai Accent Questions

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Car shut off driving down road. It cranks but won't start until I sits for awhile, then shuts back off after 15 mins
I replaced the transmission in my car about two weeks ago. Now it will cut off when driving at low speeds,shake violently, and over heat. I have not had anyone look at it but when I told a mechanic friend he says that I need s new torque converter. Well, does this mean replacing the transmission again? would the one I just bought have come with a torque converter? Or are they sold seperately?
Cranked the car . drove about 5 miles down road and it shut off. Never had this problem. Tried to start with cables. But nothing
ck out lines, replaced Purge Control Valve, now trying to ck out the Evap. Emission Sys. Leak Detection Pump. Any other thing I should ck. & anyway to ck the pump out?
fuel system cleaned. But every time I top off my fuel tank and go over the line and drive a short distance the engine starts running rough and the CEL starts flashing I shut off the engine and the light comes back on for a fewseconds and goes out as normal. In between fillups the Car seems to run fine. The CEL does it normal off and on.
the gauge does not work
I have checked fuses
I have verified ther radiator fan is working
the remainder of the dash gauges work
Takes my car 10 mins to warm up.and evrytime i start it. cars start knocking. oil level.and color is fine but after done warming up sound finally.goes away... Is something wrong or.does it just longer?
egine and restart. The cel would come as normal and go out. My car would run fine. I took it to a tire shop and they checked it out. They replaced an o2 sensor and new plugs and wires along with a fuel system cleaning. I drove my car and ran errands and no problem until it did it for the second time cel flashes and engine runs rough I restart everything is back to normal. I driven about thirty miles since that happened and my car is running fine what could it be . I can't afford to throw hundreds of $ at it for some shade tree mechanic trys to figure it out.
It seams like it happens after a long drive,if u shut it off then restart it that's when i feel it the most .had AutoZone put a check on every thing shows to be good, Battery,Alternator.Also no codes showed up.if u can please help.Thanks
Happens through all gears/rpm's and speeds. Will not accelerate without surging/fading
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