2003 Hyundai Accent Questions

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Left turn signal indicator light on dash does not light up. Turn signals work. Is this a big job that will cost a lot of money to fix?
lt stays on all the time.
even with the turning of the steering wheel the front wheels don't turn. what could be the reason for that
can not locate purge valve
The smaller ones coming from the oil block

I have a Hyundai Accent 2003 automatic with a little over 170,000 miles. I have personally replaced all fuel injectors but I still have this intermittent problem of the engine shutting off. It occurs when my car is sitting in traffic or sitting for a long time at a drive-thru. I do not believe it's electrical because while the engine shuts off the radio continues to play.

Typically when this happens, I shut off the car completely, then immediately restart it. Today is the first time that it did not immediately restart. I was sitting in a drive-thru listening to the engine and I could tell it was going to quit soon because, it sounded like it's "breaths" were drawn out, I don't know how else to describe it. The engine turned off, my radio was still on and I shut off the car completely and when I tried to turn it back on, I could hear the engine trying to turn on but it would not. I let my car sit for five minutes and I tried to turn it on and boy did it struggle to turn on! While it did turn on the car began to vibrate and it seemed it would shut off again so while I was paying for my order, I had the car in park and then gave it the gas. It seemed when I gave it gas it wouldn't vibrate as much. Anyhow, once I got out of the drive thru and on to open road where I can keep the gas going, the car leveled out.

Now originally, I was going to just replace the crankshaft sensor because it's a cheap enough part but this is the first time it's vibrated during such an episode and I'm beginning to wonder if that means it's not the crankshaft and instead something more.

Additional background information: I have an inkling that my fuel pump (?)
needs to be replaced because when I was topping off my gas, my car would shake the same way it shook today. I have stopped topping off my gas and I didn't feel the shaking since, until today. My tank is currently half full so I do not believe it's the fuel pump that caused the shaking this time.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I am on a very tight budget and intend to fix this myself.

Accessories will not turn off, Car starts and shuts off, unable to rotate to lock and release key.
Keys are lost. Car not running. Will be selling. Need key for purchaser.
Due to leaking fluid, I replaced the output shaft seal on pass-side, added a couple of qrts & the seal failed after a month. I noticed that I can move the half shaft up & down about a quarter inch at the seal & when put in R from P a slight knock. Despite the leak & knock it drives like it's a new car. What does the lil wiggle room tell you? (I have torqued the axle nut to Hyundai specs.) Do I need a new seal and a output shaft seal repair sleeve to take up slack or is a bad disc? Don't want to remove it if I don't have to. Thanks
2003 Hyundai Accent no brake power. Began as screeching/grinding sound on front passenger side with or without applying brake foot pedal. Some pulsing occurred for short time. Now all brake power for car is gone and brake sensor light is on. Emergency brake still works.
spark[plugs have new battery. don't know where to find alternator. would like to see and find placement of sparkplugs/alternator/and anything else that would effect starting the car. windshield wiper wouldn't work during the storm and had ti push manually. apparently the mechanism needed adjustedment. Car has not turned over since last night and it is 1:00p.m. When the car is jumped it does not mean the car will restart.
was told it had a short is there a common area where these cars are known to short
Rear passenger side has clunking noise when coming to a stop if driving around 40mph. Steering wheel sways back and forth slightly.
My theft lock is in my remote controled starter. The starter doesnt work properly anymore and my car wont start without it, or i need to wait 15 minutes to override it. Can i uninstall the theft lock? How do i do it?
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