2002 Hyundai Accent Questions

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1.6L manual trans. all obd2 monitors are ready except evap
The horn sticks on car
does the clutch smooth side face out or in
Only blowing hot air
I have tonput oil in once a month
Occasionally when i start my car it doest immediately start when turn key it makes a weird noise.
Quote. I check price on line and repair shop price is 4 times higher. What should I pay for the parts recommended and can you recommend a 2nd shop for a quote?
is there a special button inside the car that im not seeing??i cant get into my back seats.
Hazards and blickers work fine The dash lights flicker dim to bright at times. car has 203000 mi. run good
I can only find the output sensors no input are ther only one set of 2?
Follows pavement with rougher pavement , noise becomes worse and

increases with speeds above 50 mph to unusually high levels.

Can a piece of insulation be missing from underneath OR a bad wheel bearing adding to problem.

Tires are Cooper GL which came with car.

How to reduce/eliminate the noise ?
I can hear it shift clear up to 3rd but after I don't it said corrosion of the tmc module and I don't want replace tranny again got codes checked at auto zone
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