1998 Hyundai Accent Questions

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All the lights still work when I put my key in but when I turn the key the engine does not start and there is no noise just silent
Car cranks but can't hear fuel pump kicking in.are coli wires crossed?
Car is cranking but wont idle cannot hear the sound of petrol pump when I switch on car.Maybe I connected ignition coil wrongly.just replaced ignition coil
New sparkplugs only last 3 days
The stick shift in my Manual 1998 Excel has for some reason placed every gear one space to the right. So now, basically, first and second gear don't exist, where third was is where first is now, where fourth was is now second, where fifth was is now third and where reverse gear was is now fourth. I'd love to know possible causes of this and solutions?
I stopped at a petrol station & to my surprise the fuel door did not open, how can I access the area behind the latch to open the fuel door ?.
feel the tranny shift but doesn't move any ideas
I have got a hyundai atoz when I start it up its fine when I change gear its fine but when the car is moving it makes a whining noice but when I put my clutch it it seems to go away can some one tell me what it could be please?
when it shifts out of first gear it stops moveing until it almost stops and then goes back into gear
where is the heat control valve located and how do i teplace it?
ive tried all of my fuses and replaced the flasher but it is different from the one that was in the car i took my test light and am not recieving any power to the flasher at all is there any other relays or what abou this flasher box i keep hearing about that is on the pass side behind the glove box
when i crank it up it doesnt crank on first crank and when you drive it. when you stop at red light it wants to die on me.
I have misfire on my 1998 Hyundai Accent 5 speed I have replaced plugs and coil pack and even had the codes reset and the check engine light still comes on. Now could the car have jumped time which is causing 1 and 3 to misfire I am really stumped on this one. when the car is cold it runs fine give it a little bit and it runs bad, I have put injector cleaner gas boost in and I dont know it is almost like a sensor is bad any Help would work to get this running correctly. Thanks frustrated guy
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