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nothing!Dead!no cranking over replaced battery with new one still nothing...fuses and relays are good...please help!!!!
It will go ok for a few days when I get carborator jets blown I've had fuel filter replaced,spark plugs,spark plug leads,distributor cap .theres no oil leaking no water where oil goes .this has been happening for 2 months on and off the longest it was going ok was week and half.Dont want to take repair shop if it's not repairable or if going to cost more to fix than its worth. Please advise very much appreciated.
i got a cd player installed . now the heat dial wont adjust to the highest setting of heat...and i get no hot air..the fan works but no hot air..did he forget to hook up a wire or something??
this car doesn't have speed it doesn't have power the engine makes noise when idling and it takes a lot of fuel. i recently changed the oil, plugs, air filter, oil filter and petrol filter and it didn't solve the problem. i took the cylinder head for scheming, changed rings and gaskerts still no change. it's a fuel injected engine.
the heater take a long time ( about 30 min) to give a medium hot air in the's not enough in a low temperature
I know there is more testing but forgoing that and just replacing the sensor does this make sense?
the heater don't give a hot air
my car is a hundai accent 1995
Just started doing this the last few days all of a sudden. What could cause this
Just bought this thing knowing it had problems. When u put the tranny in gear Nothing happens and I mean NOTHING no grinding sounds no movement. I thought it might be a cloggged filter so I changed it to no avail the fluid was not burnt and there was only a small amount of very fine powder like material in the pan. The previous owner said the tranny was slipping a little then it just stop moving altogether. Mech prob or comp?
engine computer not talking to main computer low signal, failed emissions
How do you remove the instrument fascia to disconnect the speedometer cable from behind it, Actually trying to remove dash assembly to reach "under dash fuse box"
transmission has code fluid temp sensor inop. Trans. will not shift properly the car will not gain speed and looses speed on inclines
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