Q: hydro boost or P/S pump problem on 1996 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

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Dealer replaced leaking hydroboost. Immediately notice much more effort required to stop. Dealer replace H/B unit second time. No better. Dealer said it tested 3000psi so they are done with it. Since then ive done the brake material, master cylinder all to no avail. Dealer parts guys rechecked the part number on the H/B and are sure its correct. somebody else recommend eplace P/S pump and hoses another said check H/B rod throw. Another said there was a change to the priorty valve in later models to biased more hydraulic fuild to steering during braking. Which direction first?
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Ive heard the rod issue before but it does not look like a selectable option as it comes with the H/B unit. Are there any specs anywhere that would tell how long it should be or do you just have to buy a whole new unit?
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