Q: hy is my car missing when it gets warm on 1994 Ford Explorer

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its missing when i get into normal temp
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It's so difficult to guess without being able to experience the problem first hand and at least do some basic diagnostic test.It could be the ignition coil pack that fails as it warms up or a sensor that fails as it warms up. Without getting shocked by high tension spark try to determine which cylinder or cylinders are missing by using an insolated pliers and disconnect the spark plug wires one at a time with the engine running to determine which cylinder is missing (it will be the one that doesn't cause engine idle speed to drop when the spark plug wire is removed from that cylinder).
you were right on the money. a plug wire was burned and it shrted out the coil pack. I replaced the plug wires and coil pack and shes back on the road!! thanks a bunch
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