Q: hvac blower motor just quit. It ran eradicly for a day or so. Than quit. on 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara

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This has just happened over the past weekend. Don't know for sure exactly when blower quit, but we noticed it sort of faltering a couple of times yesterday. Then, when I started up the car this evening, no blower at all. Have not checked fuses yet.
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I would ck the fuses first then I would look at the blower motor resistor they go bad all the time. An easy way to see if it is bad or the motor is to check for power at the motor with the switch on.
OK. I checked the 40 AMP fuse and relay. Both are ok. Removed the motor and it ran fine when connected directly to the battery. Checking voltage at the motor harness (disconnected from motor) I get varying voltage, but don't benember the numbers right now. Seems like it varied from about 3 volts to about 5 volts DC. But the motor does not EVEN TRY to run on the normal harness. I read some less than 12 VDC voltage at what I believe to be the motor controller mounted into the air stream near and to the left of the motor. Seems like it has to be the controller or switch. I suspect though that the dash has to come out to get at the switch. What say ye?