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Q: Humming Noise on 2001 Volvo S60

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I get a humming noise while taking off at a slower speed, then the humming increases as the speed does. I have change out both wheel hub assembly thinking that would solve my problem, but it didn't.
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We had this problem for years in a 2003 S60 2.4T. It was a moaning sound that made us think the car was possessed. Nobody, including the dealer's service manager who went on a 15 minute ride with me, could figure it out. It eventually just went away and nothing bad happened,
Are you sure the tires are OK? Tire noise can be very loud and there are a couple ways to determine if they are the source of the noise. First, check that the tread wear is OK and not scalloped or uneven. Then try driving the vehicle on different road surfaces, this can change the pitch of the noise quite a bit if the tires are bad. Then you can try rotating the tires or replacing them.
Hope that helps.
My tire are less than a month old, I get the grouling or humming noise when I just starting out driving, it seems like I can feel it in the driver seat coming from the transmission, my opinion. The noise does disappear once I reach a certain speed. My s60 is automatic. Thanks
That should rule out the tires, unless it started after getting new tires. Other possibilities are a bad motor mount, which is fairly common on these. Have a shop check the upper torque mount and the front engine motor mount. You may be hearing something in the transmission too.
You should take a Volvo mechanic for a test drive as well, noises are difficult to figure out , and this is especially so if you don't experience it in person. They may know exactly what it is when they hear it.
You know,I have been noticing this humming sound ever since I got my car 20 months ago. I am the second owner. It had 122k mileage at the time I acquired this car and it has 142,000 mileage now. I always thought that it was just nothing of an issue at all. I have driven the car twice on a long trip. Fortunately, I have not experienced any serious engine or wheel-related problems during these road trips. Or should I get so concerned for any underlying serious problem that may surface in the future?
Here are all the things that I did, first I took it to the dealer & took a test drive with the mechanic, he wasn't to sure but since the car was riding smoothe, he stated he wouldn't worry about it, then he stated it might be the front head exhaust pipe up front, they wanted $685 to change the front exhaust pipe. I have change but side wheel bearings, both side axles, new tie rods (inner & out) new stablizer link bars, the best thing about it I was able to do all the work myself (no labor charge. But after all of that the humming noise is still there. Next I'm thinking about changing all the engine mounts.
I also myself took my car to the dealer about the moaning noise, I have 176000 miles on my 01 S60, I was told since the car was riding so smoothly I should not worry about it, but the service guys also offer the same thing about changing the front head exhaust pipe to try to eliminate the noise. As of today I still have the moaning noise, because they wasn't sure changing the exhaust pipe would cure the problem. I'm thinking about just changing out the exhaust pipe on my on to save on labor.
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