2008 Hummer H3 Questions

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The vehicle was low on oil and now makes a noise as it idles and comes to a stop. Sometimes the noise is present when driving.
After I arrive at my destination, I can smell a faint aroma of antifreeze but when I open the hood, I don't see any leaks or problems with the hose. I constantly watch my temperature gauge while driving. Although the needle has not reached the red mark / H, it goes past the mid point on the gauge and stops just below the "H". I have not checked for a code as of yet but I will tomorrow. I was going to do some basic things first (purchase a new gas cap, oil change, check and refill all pertinent fluids). However, it still remains on, It is not flashing so I hope it is an easy fix.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? If I pull 2 fuses, it goes away for about 20 minutes
How long have you had this problem? Since August 12th (approaching the 3rd week)
How much time is given to change the two rear shocks on a 2008 H3 Hummer
I want to leave an aux cord plugged in. The light won't go off. Will it drain the battery if I leave it plugged in? I read that usually one of the lighters will turn off when car is turned off. Is this true in the H3?
Sounds like it is coming from the front of the motor
H3 Hummer wouldn't drive in regular drive, only 4 wheel drive. The mechanic said the transfer box was damaged internally and found the radiator was cracked after smelling fluid. Said it was probably from accident, but can't say for certain. Car was fine before accident. Landed in ditch at a 45 degree angle. My daughter had trouble getting out of the car until help arrived. Had to be towed out. Comments?
after resetting key pass code issue car started. no turn signals, neighbor checked fuse box with a tester after which car will not start. when you turn key no display or chimes but radio and head lights work, no horn and when you use the key fob to lock car lights dont flash
dealer replace recall item harness & resistor. Drove 1 day then hummer overheated , returned to dealer replaced radiator, radiator cap, water pump replaced, thermostat replaced, checked over at GM dealership, Now the same thing happened again, any advice??? Why is the same thing happening?? Hummer overheated after 20 miles in outside temp 76 degrees. Only drove 3 days since work was completed.
Shouldn't this be a recall on GMS part as a safety issue? I have been told that a cracked manifold is a known issue with these 5 cylinder engines. Can it be welded? Would that be as expensive as a new replacement?
I smell coolant when this happens but no leaks. When the a/c off light goes away, everything goes back to working fine.
what does the ground look like.
The grinding started on the highway between 65-75 mph; loudest when hitting the gas pedal from a stop sign or stop light and between 5-15 mph. Now grinding when I start it up.
Thermostat + radiator changed ,antifreeze flushed and replaced, mech states bad guage any ideas what this may be I hear it's common in hummers? The guage stays half way while I drive goes up to 3/4 at idle never goes over never boils over, clutch fan does not have excessive play , please help this is getting expensive trying to fix.
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