2006 Hummer H3 Questions

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I took my 2006 Hummer H3 to Columbus Square Auto in New London, Ct and the owner told me it takes 8 hours to install the alternator. I see the alternator from the top to the bottom and can't believe it takes so much time.
door alarm stop working, key alarm stop at same time as did the left side of the radio.
you site has no tranny replacement estimates
2006 hummer h3. 4L60e oem rebuilt. 3yr 100,000 mi warranty. Installed price complete. From the dealer tranny is 2200.00 + core. Install price should be ??? This is work and parts are being bought and installed at a local transmission shop
When it rains or the engine is cold. It stopped after the engine warms up
Once engine turned on vehicle will
not remain turned on once wiper blades are turned off and vehicle comes out of park. Literally once engine is on wiper blades must also be on to keep car runing and still car will not remain on once gear is shifted out of park.
was hit from behind and it caused $10,000 damage to my H3. Body Shop fixed it but now gas gauge is not reading correctly. They took it to a dealer to put on analyzer to see if date of accident show up. no date at all showed. They did not put in a new fuel pump due to date not showing. Was fine before accident. Am I stuck to put in a new fuel pump?
I had the thermostat replaced. The heater core was checked & the aculators .
I have 246k miles, and had a transmission rebuild @ 220. When driving hwy speeds for 15-20 min, I will loose overdrive and my Rpm will jump up. When it happens it is smooth, and only recognized by the increase in rpms. This of course causes the engine temp to rise. I have no other gear issues, and they all make smooth transitions.
It squeeks/rattles when I drive,,,sometimes at an idle a little bit...but stops when I brake. It sounds like its coming from the front passenger side of the vehicle. But it seems to be getting louder. Then for stretches going down the road the noise just goes away. Make any sense to anyone?
oil check light is showing kind often can you help me, vehicle run good oil is level fine, light show when vehicle stop.
the sun roof on my jeep was not closing fully, and i was driving when it started to rain hard, and alot of water fall inside the car. i have all the seats and mat out of the car washing them. by the hand rest have some module i dont know what it function as yet. but it got wet. and also some water fall on the dash board by the instrument cluster. and now i got a code p0650. and the lights on the dash keeps coming of and on and now when i go to start it none of the lights on the cluster or coming on, neither the car does start until i does take off the battery terminal. and then the lights does come on in the cluster. and the car does start
was using the sunroof when car was not starting got caught on something and opened back up then it seem to die as if battery was dead but will not turn over or release the key
Clutch slipping in first gear
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