2007 Hummer H2 Questions

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I have to replace the power steering I know that. But the brake pads are new. The car is maintained to the tea. Oil changed. Everything! ! what can I do?
During summer months there was no problem. At the first freeze this fall the noise started again. At the end of winter the noise seemed to occur when turning. The problem now appears to happen both when turning and accelerating from a stop. Thought about a transmission flush. Anyone have any other ideas?
this mainly happens while driving on the beltway
But does not transfer.
seat will not move in any direction. heated seat does not work.
The car were lost, a local technician disconnected the cable from the key switch and tried to start the car. The key was latter found, Now the car starts and dies down immediately.
I used Austel780DS but could make any diagnosis.
Please advice.
Yours sincerely PAUL TENDO
engine light when on and test said p0449 error
I have a code saying rear air sus problem. I took it to dealer & they said it has to be changed out
i need ur help
what is a code p0449
Check engine light came on after truck misfired and stalled after fueling.
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