2006 Hummer H2 Questions

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my vehicle was not used for 2 weeks and when cranked up the radio will not power up
Want to know how to keep the driver seat and mirrors from moving. Also have popping noise underneath the passenger floor really hear it popping hitting the gas hard and braking hard..turning and hitting bumps what could that noise be?
4 wheel high when you push the button to to 4 wheel low the light for 4 wheel low just flashes it doesn't shift and light goes out.
changed air lines on the air dryer leveler today. finished I have service suspension. Check air inflator in back not working.
The driver side seat heater in my 2006 Hummer H2 comes on by itself for no rhyme or reason. It usually comes on full blast, but then it also may adjust itself after it comes on. Any suggestions for why this is happening? How do I fix it? Thank you!
Key stuck in ignition
My truck is a 2006 H2 Hummer. I loosened the cover around the steering wheel / ignition and I can press a brass button inside and then remove the key! It appears the system is not recognizing that it is in park, maybe? and it will not release the key! How to get back to normal operations?
When I pressed the button to put the driver's side rear window down, I heard a loud clunk, which ended up being the window falling all the way down into the door. Thankfully, it didn't break. We're pretty knowledgeable about how to fix things, took the door panel off and got to the inside. Is this able to be fixed since it will go part way up with the button or do we have to replace a part. I'm hoping we can fix as oppose to replace! Any information would be appreciated! Thank You!
I am trying to get my H2 through smog. I recently had some work done on it, but the computer for the catalytic converter has not reset, even after driving it about 150 miles. Anything I can do to make this happen faster? Thank you
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