2005 Hummer H2 Questions

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What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? 1day
Rear window will only go up halfway on 2005 H2. Had been working fine, then quit. I can manually pull it up further; but as soon as I release it, it goes back to halfway mark.
Anybody know how I could fix that? Also how common is this problem?
It doesn't seem to be over heated. The coolant is fine. Whay could this be?
During the Christmas hustle & bustle when unloading gifts etc, while having my hands full, & catching a neighbors toddler from running into the street-- I SLAMMED THE REAR-END/ LIFTGATE DOOR CLOSED. (Fortunately I stopped the toddler, but dropped the gifts lol) The license plate pocket popped out & the handle is still intact but not pulling to open the door. PLEASE HELP
Changed map sensor, battery, may sensor, fuel sending unit, map sensor harness. Still having same issue runs for few and then wants to stall. Code still comes up with PO107 and c, ev, o,oh. Please help. This is crazy.... not sure what else to do....
Left sun roof open now Gauges not working
motor is not working on driver side and the seat moved all the way forward can I move the seat back manually some how?
just bought a 2005 h2 hummer only 40,000 miles checked oil no oil on dipstick drained oil got 6 quarts out replaced oil 6 quarts still no oil on dipstick Help
With the rear wheels off the ground and on jack stands, and in park the rear wheels will rotate. wouldn't the transmission prevent this from
occurring. 2005 h2
It doesn't have an air ride system. what could cause this.
to check
Yesterday my windshield wipers came on and I did not turn them on, Also several days ago the rear wiper and washer activated without me turning on the switch. In both cases I could not turn them off by using the switch. I removed the fuses for the rear wiper and washer but I cannot do that for the windshield.
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