2004 Hummer H2 Questions

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The blower motor runs on high only and won.t turn off even with the key off
motor works fine
Not turn on. They turn on and off when they want. Have it for a month and this just started happening 2 days ago.
the onstar goes out also but back windows fine and drives fine, also a/c will stop running cold. blower will still go tho. Once sits awhile all good but again after 10 minutes does same thing.
also the face of my radio and air conditioning get warm is this normal as well.
The CD player won't eject my cd's , and now the car is dead because the radio WILL NOT turn off no matter what. Could it be a fuse or??
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leaking oil bad how do you replace the front seal?
When my truck warms up if you're stopped and give it gas it hesitates and shutters. Autozone told me I had a p0300 dtc which means random engine misfire. I just got it back from having the rear seals replaced,they cleaned my injectors and carbon builds up in throttle body,etc. This doesn't happen until the truck is warm and if the ac is on and I turn it off it helps. I repaced my plugs at 110,000 miles and have 150,000 now. Pls help cause my wife wants me to get rid of my truck but I don't want too but need to have reliable vehicle.
Is it the timer delay?
Also replaced PCM and water Pump & thermostat, but periodically PO332 & PO337 code comes back on...How do I correct this
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