Q: hub wheel on 1999 Ford Explorer

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what is a hub asy? Is that wheel? I recently ask question about front bearings on my ford 99 explor and I found the receipt of the work done. But I can not find if they did the work on my front bearings. what appveitation would it look like on paper? reads replacment of left front hub wheel. C/S INTAKE LEAKED they replaced intake menifold and gasket. rt front pinion seal replaced.
(2) Answers
The wheel bearings are integral with the hub assembly. It used to be that ( 15 years ago ) you could take a hub apart or use a 10 ton press to press it apart and just replace the wheel bearings, but most shops don't do this any more and some cars will only manufacture the bearings as a whole hub assembly. Progress??
The hub assembly is what the wheel bolts onto and the wheel bearings are located inside the hub. So if they replaced the hub assembly the bearing is included with the hub