Q: Hub Assembly on 2005 Buick Rainier

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Help.. Has anyone had problems with the hub assembly on their Rainier and was told if the tires are the same, the maker has to be the same as well? is this true?
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On a 4X4 or All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicle, all the tires should match. If they're the same exact size, it should be OK but I'd rather see all 4 be identical tires for trouble free operation.
I haven't heard about particular hub problems but I notice that there are many wabsites selling hub parts for your vehicle so I guess there are failures in some vehicles. Take it to a GM specialist or a 4 wheel drive shop.
Here's a directory link for you:
thank you so much i have owned this 05 rainer for a year and it has been sitting for a month as i do not have the money to have it fixed for the second time in less than 6mnths
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Tire size has alot to do with the ABS and Trac Systems. The larger the tires the faster your speed. Each hub assembly has a wheel sensor that monitors the speed of each wheel. The ABS and Trac system reads this speed. It lets the computer knows if there is a problem? If you run different tire sizes on this vehicle each wheel will read different speeds at normal driving conditions. Which will cause a abs or trac to be set.
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