Q: Howling noise in the front end on 2000 Chrysler LHS

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Recently there is a loud howling noise in the front end of my 2000 Chrysler LHS. I noticed that the tire on the drivers side had worn on the inside and some wire was showing so I changed the tire to a new one but it is still howling when driving it... it doesnt matter how fast or slow I am going. I'm starting to think that the howling may be coming from the motor... I have had the transmission slip a few times going from 2nd gear into 3rd.. it is an automatic. But it doesnt slip all the time only occasionally. Do you know what could cause the howling noise??
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Howl noise could be from wheel bearing that is bad enough to allow tire to tilt and wear badly. Get it looked at right away. If leans bad enough, and sounds like it may be, then should have towed. If noise is coming from trans could be fluid level probs causing slippage. Have trans shop check out if gets beyond your comfort zone.
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If the noise is not there with the vehicle sitting still, and if it increases with vehicle speed, you might suspect a wheel bearing. If the noise is there sitting still, see if shifting between the gears causes a change. If so, a plugged transmission filter is possible, especially if it is better after stopping and re-starting the engine. If shifting gears has no effect, a motor accessory such as an alternator, power steering pump or idler pulley is possible. Temporarily remove the serpentine belt, run the engine for only a few seconds and see if the noise goes away.

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