Q: How will I know if hitting my parked car cause my check engine light to come on? on 2000 Hyundai Elantra

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My car was parked And a Van Backed into the front of it and hit it pretty hard, I got the test ran on it and code P0760 and P0722 came up, could that be the reason for a transmission problem.
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I took it to a mechanic who did one to find these codes and I will be taking it to a transmission place tomorrow to see if the hit caused the light to come on or any problems. There is just a crack in my bumper on the drivers side but the hit was pretty hard which force the car to move.
P0760 is set off by a failure in the second shift solenoid in the trans. You would have to remove valvebody and replace the solenoid. Need to get read at a trans shop of the data stream to make sure not a wiring issue. P0722 is pulse generator B. Detects revolution of the idler gear. This pulse goes to the TCM. Anytime your vehicle is in an accident different components other than those impacted can be affected.
So you don't think that caused the engine light to come on. And thanks for the feedback sounds similar to what another mechanic told me. Also someone who works on cars told me that by my car being in park the hit could have cause it to knock gears out of place or something like that I'm not sure this just my first car so I'm in need of help.
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