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Q: How to tell if the oil pump is bad on 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

My timing belt went on my car, and I was fortunate enough to be sitting still idling, so no apparent damage to valves. I got everything back together, and it runs without a miss at all, but after a few seconds running, I gett a tapping noise in valve cover, and my oil light comes on. I noticed when lining up timing marks, that to put the oil pump in time, it was difficult to turn, couldn't hardly turn by hand, used a socket. I pulled bolt and and put a pin in the front of the engine to determine it was in right position. A couple friends said it sounds like the oil pump went which is why the timing belt went. Ot could this be a combination of of oil pump, and me having the timing 180 out?
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Oil pump should be easily turned with two fingers with the belt off! Possible internal insert bearing damage on oil pump shaft.
Back inside of the engine, may have shaft damage as well. Was the old belt due to be changed? Or did it fail prematurely?
I imagine it was about due to be changed, but there were no obvious signs of wear on the timing belt or the balance shaft belt. The belts both looked very good, and only the teeth on the bottom of the belt at crank sprocket were torn off. No other teeth were even cracked or worn on the belt. Am I just going to have to replace to oil pump, which means taking the engine apart even more, or is there something else. Also, it seems to be in time, it fired right up and idles smooth, no miss at all. Is it possible I could still have something off on timing that causes that, or is it and oil pump problem. It doesn't start to make any noise until running a little bit, then it is like a valve tapping, almost like a no oil or a lifter not pumping up issue.
What has me wondering is the fact the oil pump was so hard to turn! There is a shaft that runs behind the pump in a insert bearing. Shaft is prob a foot long (guessing from the older engines i have worked on) if this shaft and bearing are worn that may be your trouble.
Again i am just guessing. That will also cause low oil pressure from oil spilling out around the shaft and bearing. Oil light or gauge?
hey im going threw the same issue with my eclipse but i was driving and once i looked under the hood with a mechanic he said he thinks my oil pump seized up (since i cant turn the gear once we bought a new one) which cause my inner timing belt to break when the gear for the oil pump broke in half. Have you gotten it fixed? and if so what did you have to do.
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