Q: How to tell if mechanic was the one to break them. on 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid

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Went to garage for inspection of burning rubber from the front breaks. The mechanic there had put on new breaks and rotors a few months before. Waited 3 1/2 hours and heard impact wrench run continuiously 2 times. Then mechanic called me out to tell me that both of the 2 rear sway bar links were broken. First think I noticed was that both insides were completely clean and it did not look rusted out like they said. I said something to them about it. Reply back was, I know how well you take care of your car and would not drive in water holes and etc., and that is why they are not dirty. It must have just happened. I told them that it has been raining all week and I have been driving in it and I would think there would be some form of debris on them from the dirt and rain mixture. They told me my car would not pass inspection when due and it would cost me $200.00. I took pictures and a video of this. I no longer trust the mechanic who worked on my car. I will be going to another one. Questions for you.....How hard is it to change it out and how to tell if there was foul play, which I expect? I see it is bolted on. Looks easy, but I could be wrong. A male friend who is a hvac mechanic looked at it a couple of hours after I left the garage and he said that these were manually broken. Now, I don't know if you will get back to me, but I will say that all the symptoms you have described on here did not exist on my car. Thank you and have a nice day.
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Had an 09 the other day, someone tried to pull it from the back and tied to the rear sway bar. The bar was bent so bad the links broke and just hanging there.
check to see how hard it is to get the sway bar bolts loose if they are fairly easy to move then chances are some one has already had them loose. if they sre broken then I would take it to another shop for a second opinion It sounds to me like someone has tried to take them off but i am just guessing because I would have to see it first
Thank you. I did take it to another garage and the mechanic there said that they were too cleaned and that they had heated the links with the impact wrench to pull them off. He said it had been tampered with. Got 2 new ones for $25.00 and Labor was $40.00 totaling $70.00 including taxes. Quite a difference in price. I stood there and watched them do the work. I will not be going back to where I have gotten my vehicle work done any more. I only wished I could prove what they are possibly doing to others and be able to turn their business in. Again, thank you and take care.
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