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Q: How to seal the Chevy Lumina 95 3.1L's lower intake ridge? ( no gasket for it!) on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

Chevy Lumina 95 3.1L engine's lower intake manifold has only gaskets to seal the front and back cylinder heads. But, there is the ridge area of lower intake between the two slopes on top of the two cylinder heads. I check with GM dealer, and they do not have gaskets to seal the ridges against coolant & oil leakages. Any ones with experiences, please recommend a good RTV sealant against ridge leakages, or should I make myself a ridge gasket? what material to use for it? Thanks in advance.
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is it a gasket maker, or a gasket sealant? red colored or black colored? any good brands you could recommend?
Either/or maker or sealant, need no gasket! Permatex black, clear, blue what ever color you like, red is hi temp. no hi temp here but that will work as well. Just have mating surfaces clean and dry, run a bead from tip of gasket to tip of other gasket front and back of the cylinder block, let it set about five minutes and install manifold.
Thank Wetry! A friend just emailed me that may be I should use a GM RTV gasket sealant, because the intake ridge is prone to coolant & oil leakages, hence requires a strong and durable sealant, even though it is much more costly. Hope he does not have friends with GM!?
That's cool but not my first rodeo either!! What ever floats ya boat. By the way GM dont make the stuff,,,,, wonder who does? Permatex!! Maker of AC Delco rtv for GM. Some friend you got there,lol, just fooling. Oh, no coolant there to leak, no oil under pressure either!
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