Q: how to rethread head for spark plug on 2002 Ford E-150

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Spark plug blew out of head for the 2nd time.This time it striped the threads on the head.I tried a sparkplug repair kid where you rethread the heads and use the little black piece(cant remember the name) to screw into the head then the plug into that piece.Proublem is when i put a socket on the threader tool the socket is to big to fit down in the hole which means the threader isnt reaching the head.what do i do?
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there is a repair kit sold at most parts stores with all nec. parts and tools incl. it comes with a long thread insert tool good can also googgle the issue and there are mobile mech with the knowledge to help you if they service your area
when im changing the spark plugs i use spark plug wrench and a 3 inch extension.Whenwrench and extension are on the plug it only sticks up far enough to barley get your fingers on it.
The repair tool has a big head on it and when i put a socket on it that fits it is to big to fit down in the hole.
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