Q: how to reset flat trie code on 2004 BMW 545i

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How to reset the flat trie code
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If you have RPA warning system: (cars with run flats)
Start initialization as follows:
* Terminal 15 ON (engine OFF or ON, do not pull away)
- Vehicles with RPA button
Press and hold the RPA button until the RPA indicator and warning light lights up yellow for a few seconds
- Vehicles with BC button (on-board computer function)
* In the on-board computer function select "RPA" and "INIT" (LC display) with the rocker switch on the turn-signal/main-beam switch. Press the BC button to confirm.
* Press and hold the BC button for approx. 5 seconds, until a box with a tick appears behind the "INIT" display.
- Vehicles with Central Information Display
Initialization is performed via the Central Information Display (CID) and controller.
* Select "RPA" in the "Settings" menu and confirm.
* Select "Set" and confirm.
* Drive off. The end of the initialization phase is not indicated.

Other systems:
When a tire pressure warning light is observed, Check and inflate tire(s) to specified pressures. After correcting the air pressure with the engine off and the ignition on, press the "Set" button and hold (approx. 6 seconds) until the words "Set tire pressure" appear in the instrument cluster (instrument cluster high) or the yellow LED lights up (basic instrument cluster).
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