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Q: how to replace the headlight lenses? on 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII

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The lights are dim even with new bulbs. I have tried the exterior polishing kits and they have little effect other than appearance.
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I am wondering if you have a voltage issue running in your vehicle. Make sure you have the proper strength battery (group 65 - 850 cold cranking amps or more), and that your charging system is putting out enough power.

As for the lamps - unless you want to replace the assemblies, the only real thing you can do is use a high quality headlamp restoration kit and reseal them. When done well with the right kit, it takes that fog and yellow away for the most part.
look closer inside the assembly itself. is it shinny and reflective. if not higher quallity bulbs are not the answer. scrubing lenses wont help either. these assemblies are crap and only last so long. however they are worth replacing even if they cost a bit. buy them from ford not lincoln (of course). ask ford if thats really the best price they can sell them to you for and you maybe you will get the return customer price.
lastly, headlights are importaint safety feature, if yours are dull and you cant see clearly at night, please replace them before you hurt yourself or others.
This is a known problem with the mark 8. Long story short: you have to replace the entire headlight assembly which is very expensive. I recommend living with it if you can.
I should have clarified. The alternator is putting out 13.6v. the bright lights are very bright, it is just the regular headlights that are very dim. All bulbs are the same and very bright out of the assembly. Both the dim and bright light lenses have the same degree of haze and yellowing. The only thing I can see is the dim side ones have an interior reflector in front of the bulb that is intended to cut the light down and reflect it back to the back reflector and out then. I think that inside relector in front of the bulb is defective. If so what would happen if I removed just that and not change anything else? Thanks,
The reflector serves to kind of amplify the light. The lens is what cuts down the quality of that light. The high beams power through some of that haze, so it's a non-issue. I don't think you can get into the lamps to remove that reflector; nonetheless, don't do that, as it will make things worse.

You stated 13.6 volts from the charging system - that's wayyyy low. Do this first, though - run the car up to 2000 - 2500 RPM and check it. If you're south of 14 volts, you have problems. If you're above 13.9 - 14 volts, then OK.
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