Q: how to replace the fuel pump on 1996 Jaguar XJR

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i have a 96 jaguar xjr i need to replace the fuel pump.i know it is in the fuel tank,do i have to remove the fuel tank or are there an easy acces under the rear seat?
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According to the shop manual the tank has to come off.
This is it:

* Remove fuel tank from vehicle. See: Fuel Tank\Service and Repair
* Remove evaporative loss flange. See: Fuel Tank Unit\Service and Repair
* Slacken fuel pump feed hose to fuel tank securing clip.
* Disconnect hose from fuel tank stub pipe.
* Undo and remove fuel pump mounting brackets to surge pot securing bolts.
* Displace and remove fuel pumps and feed hose assembly from fuel tank.
* Slacken feed hose assembly to fuel pump securing clips.
* Remove fuel pumps from the feed hose assembly.
* Remove link leads from fuel pumps.
* Cut and remove ratchet straps securing upper clamp rubbers to to the fuel pumps.
* Displace and remove upper clamp rubbers from the fuel pump mounting brackets and discard.
* Remove the mounting brackets from the fuel pumps.
* Remove and discard lower mounting rubbers from the fuel pumps.
* Remove fuel pump and filter assemblies and place aside.

Refit in the reverse order of the removal procedure.

You can find great repair manuals with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, parts locations and other important information here:

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