Q: How to replace fuel filter on 1997 Toyota RAV 4 on 1997 Toyota RAV4

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The engine has been running rough. 95,000 miles, never changed
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Remove fuel pressure first, on the relay fuse box take out the EFI relay, start the engine until it stalls, remove the gas cap. As precaution remove the negative batt terminal. To get to the filter you have to take out the air filter housing off. After you take it out you should be able to see the filter more clearly now under the relay fuse box. Remove the two bolts holding the relay fuse box and just push it aside. There's a bolt on top of filter and a believe the bolt on top of the filter is a 17mm. And a B-nut holding the fuel line underneath. You need to hold one or the other in order to break them loose or else you risk breaking the fuel line. I held the b nut with a wrench while loosening the bold on top and vise versa. Take out the bold which holds the line there should be two washer gaskets there. Remove b nut from filter. And last remove the clamp holding the filter. Install is reverse. Make sure you don't forget to plug back the relay. May take a few tries for the engine to fire since the fuel pressure need to build up again