Q: How to replace , ABS Control Module on 2002 4Runner 4WD 16 inch tires?
on 2002 Toyota 4Runner

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Went to Firestone, because the ABS, VSC TRAC, BRAKE, VSC OFF, ENGINE CHECK Lights "ON"
& Spedometer stop working.
They found out the ABS Control Module BAD, need to be replace.
But too Expensive ( 3000.00) just on parts?
The p/n :8954035270.
I found the component for a cheap price, I want to do by myself.
Appreciate your help, Tks.

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simple to change out, its on the passenger side under the panel buy your right foot, just 2 bolts... BUT I was told that my abs module was out on my 97 4runner 4x4 was out causing the speedometer not to work. So i tried two differant ones and it still does not work. I even put a new speed sensor in it and still does not work. I had the speedometer cluster checked out and it was good. speedometer still does not work. Check engine light is on. IM puzzled TOO.
What were the code numbers? Get another opinion and scan test from an indepedent shop/mechanic!! Something just dont sound right, fix speedometer FIRST! MIGHT take care of all the trouble. Got to have speedo. (vss) input for these systems to work propely.
The speed sensor somewhere in the transfer case was replaced already , still don't work.
Need instructions for my questions , tks
Ok, here you are! ABS control module p/n 8954035270 replace: Remove mounting hardware, unplug wire connectors remove module, reverse procedure to install.
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