Q: How to replace a turn signal light on the side mirror of Honda Civic Sport 2008? on 2008 Honda Civic Si

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The turn signal light bulb on the side mirror of my Honda Civic Sport year 2008 has blow. How do you open the cover to replace the light bulb?
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The mirror glass needs to be removed - a trick that's hard to explain. Maybe get the bulb from the dealer parts department and they can print out the break-down of the assembly and if your lucky they could get a tech to print out the procedure. Otherwise get the price of a mirror assembly (they come complete and colored to match the car) and see how that price is , compared to just having them replace the bulb.
Thank you for your response.
1. Does the whole assembly(unit) need to be removed from the door in order to remove the mirror glass?
2. Is it that when the glass mirror is removed, the light bulb can be removed and replaced?
3. Is the glass mirror attached to the assembly by the clip on method or screw on or clip and insert?
Appreciate if you could explain a bit more. Cheers
It snaps in place , but very easy to break if you don't get it right the first time! Not easy to explain , it would be better to check at dealer , plus I don't know if the bulb is servicable or if it's LED.