Q: how to repl. lower ball joint 2 wheel dr. on 1997 Ford F-150

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how to replace lower ball joint on 97 f150 2wheel dr
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Lots of work to do this job. The brakes need to be completely disassembled and removed from the steering knuckle assembly. Then then knuckle must be removed from the vehicle. That means the tie rod needs to be disconnected from the knuckle as does the lower control arms. Once the knuckle has been removed, the ball joints need to be pressed off and then the new ones pressed back into the knuckle. With special tools, one can replace the ball joints by disconnecting the the lower control arm from the knuckle and replacing the ball joints with knuckle still connected to the upper control arms. Check with rental companies about tools, they should be available for a one day rental. Good luck.
I did mine on the same truck, didnt have to press them. Just used a pickle fork and a soft blow hammer.