Q: How to repair or bypass a theft problem that's not allowing the car to crank
on 1995 Buick LeSabre

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Car is just turning over but want start, has fuel and fire, gas on spark plugs and in places it shouldn be.
(1) Answer
The anti-theft system will shut off the fuel injectors if it is in theft mode. You said you have fuel so we have to assume the theft system is not activated. For an engine to run it needs spark, fuel, and compression at the right time. Check the compression. It needs to be above 125 psi. Note that on these engines if it's too high, around 195 psi or higher, there is a good chance the timing chain jumped. If compression is OK pull all the plugs and replace them, if the plugs are wet the vehicle will not start. Leave the plugs out for about an hour or so to dry out the cylinders and check for fuel leaking from the fuel pressure regulator into the vacuum line attached to it. If that much gas got into the cylinders there will be some in the oil, change the oil after you get it running.