Q: how to repace water pump and the tools needed on 1993 Saturn SL2

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water is pouring out off the engine around the area of the water pump.I can fill the car back up with water and it leaks right out even when the car has not been started
(1) Answer
remove the top motor mount and use a floor jack to support the motor. jack up the motor to make access easier for the pump.
loosen the 4 bolts on the pump pulley. remove the serp belt.
remove the 4 bolts to the water pump pulley and remove the pulley.
the pump is now exposed and has 6 bolts securing it to the block.

15mm deep socket.
18mm socket.
10mm socket.
3/8 rachet with 3 inch extension.
10mm wrench
1/4 rachet with 3 inch extension and 10mm socket.

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