Q: How to remove the power brake booster and what needs to be removed?

on 1993 Infiniti J30

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The brake booster is unbolted and the master cylinder is removed. The intake and the housing for the strut is causing the booster not to come out. The dealer was no help. The tech told me just unbolt and pull out. It's not that simple. I forgot to mention the pin for the brake is removed as well. Can you or somebody please help me. Thank you. Eric.
(1) Answer
I have not replaced the booster on one of these vehicles but i can tell you the componets on the intake that are in your way can be removed as needed. The strut tower cannot. So take a picture and start removing parts until it will come out. That ain't much help, but it's a start! I agree it's not going to be easy, booster swaps rarely are! Just keep after it, you will get it done.